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Rev. Jamal Bryant’s sis rescues couples on ‘Love Addiction’

By May 2, 2012January 4th, 2024No Comments

Proud brother that he is, Baltimore’s Rev. Jamal Bryant, who’s been getting plenty of airtime lately leading the national Trayvon Martin protests, wanted to make sure his sister Thelma Bryant-Davis got some attention, too, with her new show called “Love Addiction.”

Bryant tweeted this morning for folks to “check out my sister” when the show airs tonight at 8 on TV One.

The reality show seems to be a sort of “Intervention” meets “The Dating Game.” It airs on TV One, a niche channel for African-American programming.

As the show’s website puts it, there’s Tina and Ike. There’s Rihanna and Chris. And then there’s the countless regular people with the same sort of bad love problems.

During each episode, the show introduces viewers to a couple with problems. Then “Love Addiction” attempts to make it all better.

According to the show’s website, the documentary-style program “attempts to save women and men from their destructive relationships through an intervention by the people who truly love them the most.”

That’s where Bryant-Davis comes in.

She’s one of three experts the show has on hand to counsel the couples and help them see where they’ve gone wrong.

Bryant-Davis is a licensed psychologist and an associate professor at Pepperdine University.

Like her brother, she’s also a minister.

The two inherited their ministerial talents from their father, Rev. John Richard Bryant, who’s known for creating Baltimore’s first megachurch as he led the city’s historic Bethel A.M.E. church during the 1970s and 80s. Their mother contributed too, the Rev. Cecelia Williams Bryant, as did their grandfather, the Rev. Harrison J. Bryant, who also led Bethel A.M.E. for a stint.

In the first episode of “Love Addiction,” a guy Marcus, who’s 29, is in love with a 51-year-old former Vegas showgirl named Suzi. The family and friends of Marcus think he’s making the biggest mistake of his life by dating a woman older than his mother. So begins the intervention.

Tonight’s episode that should feature Bryant-Davis is subtitled, “strong man or parasite?” and focuses on a guy who’s all about taking from women, not so keen on the giving.

Source: The Baltimore Sun